1. Drawing up a channel development strategy

- selection of a list of similar channels in a niche
- selection of topics that have gained the most activity on these channels, recommendations on the content plan
- selection of a list of possible categories / playlists
- selection of different montage formats that are used in the niche
- selection of the most relevant key queries in a niche using the VidIQ plugin, formation of the semantic core of the channel
- selection of options for cover design and header design

2. Creating, configuring and optimizing a channel

- selection of the name of the channel;
- creating a channel seo description by structure, including key queries on your topic
- selection of channel tags
- building the structure of the main page of the channel for the convenience of viewers using
developed playlists (after publishing at least 7-10 videos);
- linking YouTube with Google Ads (Google advertising account) if necessary
- advanced channel settings, community settings;
- creation of a standard description for issues and placement of links to resources, social networks, etc.
All this will create a favorable foundation for the promotion of the channel.

3. Channel design

- development of the design of the background image of the channel / "header". Examples with different styles of hats are selected and then, based on these examples, the designer makes a hat in the corporate color (if any).
- development of cover design. Examples are also selected and the designer makes a cover for the style of the project based on these examples.
- creation and refinement of the channel header in accordance with the preferences of the customer and my recommendations. A detailed TOR is drawn up for the designer, and after the cap is ready, we send it for approval and finalize it if necessary.

4. Preparing to record the trailer and first videos

- development of trailer structure. It is needed so that new viewers understand what the channel is about and subscribed to. The trailer plays automatically when a new viewer enters the channel. We select examples of trailers and prescribe a structure suitable for your niche.

- development of video structure. We give the trigger structure of the video to increase viewer retention, so that people leave comments, subscribe and go to other resources (Instagram, website). This structure will help you better understand what to say and when. Here we are talking about the structure, you reveal the topic itself based on your expertise and think over a rough video plan in advance.

5. Preparing, optimizing and uploading videos

- prescribing technical specifications for installation (if necessary)
- prescribing the terms of reference for creating a cover for the video
- selection of a clickable title;
- selection of relevant video tags on the subject we need;
- writing an optimized description that includes keywords, timecodes, hashtags
- putting down tips for greater activity and retention of viewers on the channel;
- adding end screens to keep viewers on the channel;
- correctly placed pinned comments;
- publication of the finished video material on the platform in accordance with all the rules of YouTube.

6. Working with a team

- control of the work of designers, editors, targetologists and constant refinement of processes that affect the effectiveness of promotion.

7. Reporting and control

- report on the results of the month with recommendations for further promotion of the channel
- control of comments and response to those that do not require expertise on the issue

8. Cover design

- a template in the same style is selected and an individual cover is made for each issue in accordance with the terms of reference
Examples of covers made by our designers:
9. Setting up ads

1. Google Ads to attract targeted subscribers. Includes:
- testing advertising audiences
- Youtube video promotion with Google Ads
- adding suitable videos on the channel to the advertising campaign
- running a campaign for 1 month
- optimization and reduction of the cost per view/subscriber
- Budget control
- report on advertising and key indicators
2. Search for bloggers for collaborations and paid integrations
3. Promoting videos to the top for key queries in order to get into recommendations for target viewers
- creating an office and assignments
- Budget control
- checking reports and constantly monitoring ads
- advertising and key performance report

10. Video editing

- the style of installation is selected and each issue is mounted according to a pre-compiled statement of work

Examples of editing done by our editors:


The plan of work with the new channel can be divided into 3 stages:

1 month - design, setup, drawing up a channel development strategy and filling the channel with content, creating a channel trailer. Also, the launch of the 3rd type of advertising (promotion of videos to the top for key queries in order to get into recommendations for target viewers).

Month 2 - connection of the first type of advertising (Google Ads) on videos that were released in month 1 and a test of advertising companies. The test will allow you to choose companies that will give the greatest efficiency (the best audiences and videos).

3 months and beyond - further refinement of advertising campaigns in order to reduce the cost of a subscriber. Plus, the analysis of the channel and the refinement of the points that affect the effectiveness of the promotion.
YouTube Promotion
YouTube video hosting is one of the most powerful traffic sources in the world at the moment. It has several billion video views every day. Our marketing agency MercadoMedia pays special attention to YouTube promotion.
Factors that affect the quality promotion of the channel:
1. Shooting videos on current topics for the target audience.
2. Activity after posting the video during the first 2 days - likes, views, comments, reposts.
3. CTR of video covers (click-through rate). For a good CTR, you need to make interesting covers and select headlines that people will want to click and watch the video after reading.
4. Interesting presentation of material, charisma and expertise. This increases the credibility and perception of the author and the company.
5. Video quality, editing.
6. Video optimization - selection of key queries, tags, hashtags, high-quality description.
7. Channel settings - channel tags, name and other settings.

«Promotion happens due to regular video recording, its high-quality preparation, optimization and promotion. You get the target audience in the form of new subscribers and regular viewers. This is an interested audience that will purchase your services.»
Due to high-quality preparation and optimization, videos will be shown in:

1. YouTube search: video, channel, playlists
2. Related videos on YouTube (related video)
3. Google search: video, channel, playlists
4. Search in Yandex: video, channel, playlists

Ad customization also contributes to the growth of organic promotion and increase in impressions in all the sections listed above.

«With advertising, the channel grows much faster due to the fact that it attracts the target audience, which become regular viewers and some of them become regular customers for your services.»
Due to high-quality advertising settings, the cost of a subscriber and view is gradually reduced and you get potential customers on the most favorable terms.
Tasks within the promotion
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