Promotion in TikTok

TikTok burst into our lives quite recently and despite this, in many respects, it has already overtaken its closest competitor - Instagram. The essence of the project is to view and publish short videos. The video format is somewhat similar to a continuous stream of relevant Stories on Instagram.
When TikTok first appeared, for the most part, only the youth audience used the application. But over time, this format seemed interesting to more mature and solvent people.

Therefore, a business focused on users of the 25+ age group should not immediately reject this platform to promote their product. It just needs to be tested at the very least. And the result may be completely unexpected. TikTok-targeted applications often turn out to be cheaper than Instagram-targeted applications.

In promotion on TikTok, we use the same strategy as in other social networks. The task is to get the primary result in a short time and a minimum budget. Therefore, we strongly do not recommend our clients to invest a lot of money in video content in order to understand whether this social network is suitable for their business or not. It is also worth noting that a video shot expensively and professionally does not always look natural and native enough for this social network.

It is often easier to pick up the phone and just shoot, in good light, charismatic content. If this is not possible, then you can pick up, for these purposes, inexpensive models or bloggers who know how to submit material and make the “correct” picture.

The cost of a two-week test of targeted ads on TikTok is $200, plus advertising budget and supplies.

In two weeks, we will determine the strategy, tactics and understand the feasibility of promoting the client's business in this social network. For most niches, we still recommend starting with Instagram and then moving on to TikTok. This will make it possible to compare the cost of attracting a client in two social networks and understand where to do it cheaper and more efficiently.
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